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L.S. (Narsi) Narasimhan, PhD

(Official name: Mr. Lakshmi S. Narasimhan)
(nick name: Narsi)
2955 Whispering Hills Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30341 U.S.A.
Phone: +1-770-451-2299


Co-Founder and CEO, Paalam, Inc.


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  • Professional

  • Co-Founder and CEO of Paalam, Inc.
  • Board of Advisors of
  • Board of Advisors of
  • Board of Advisors of
  • Board of Advisors of Dilato
  • former BOA of Burton Training Group
  • former BOD of Proalgen Biotech Limited (formerly ACL Chemicals Ltd.) (India)
  • former BOD of BOSS (Business Oriented Software Solutions, Inc.)
  • Community Service

  • the founder of Indian Professionals Network (IPN)
  • Board member of GIACC (Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce)
  • former Board member of IACA (India American Cultural Association)
  • a Board member of APAC
  • co-founder of SA4U (South Asians for Unity)
  • former Board member of NetIP-USA (Network of Indian Professionals)
  • former President of ASEI-Atlanta (American Society of Engineers of Indian origin)
  • former Chairman of the Awards Committee of ASEI
  • I am also a co-maintainer of all the web pages in this site



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