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WSOP is not the only one open tournament in the world because there is another popular Omi88 Poker tournament you need to know and try.

What is EPT Omi88 Poker Tournament

Some players might think WSOP is the greatest tournament in the world for card gambling and it is right. However, you know already if the biggest Omi88 Poker tournament is something hard to achieve and only the professional players can survive there. But you need to know one thing if the greatest tournament is not only WSOP and you can find others open tournament for both beginners and professionals.

Know Omi88 Poker Tournament EPT

Besides WSOP and WPT as the biggest Omi88 Poker tournaments in the world, you need to know another card tournament you can choose to play such as EPT Main Event. It is primary events from the regular WPT which is always held in August. This tournament was played for the first time in 2004 and this tournament is held under Omi88 PokerStars as the main ownership of EPT. The last tournament was held in 2016 in Spain, The exact location was in Barcelona at the largest casino in that city.

The buy in was around 5,300 euro and the winning prize was around 8,657,250 euro. The last winner on this tournament was Sebastian Malec came from Netherland and he walked home with around 1,122,800 euro in 2016. This tournament is so big and everybody can join it though it is not as big as WSOP.

However, there are so many best players came from this tournament and they continue their journey in WSOP so they can gain more benefits and advantages in playing taruhan bola online Poker.